Try to solve some of Eli’s mysteriddles:


I’m a natural guy,

Much like all the rest.

So what makes me better? So what makes me best?

It must be that I,

Can go into myself,

And how many others can get that thing done?

Only one.

What am I?


I’m a treasure box,

Of golden chips.

Soon after it’s light,

I’m turned up side-down,

Then drenched in white,

And brought to your lips.

What am I?


I’m much like a bagel,

But flatter and quicker.

On one side a mirror,

On the other, a picture.

What am I?


Like an Aztec temple,

With a terrible queen.

This burg’s got no ice,

But has more than is seen.

What am I?


I’m shaped like a letter,

I’m sometimes forbidden.

If you take one of me,

You’ll go where you’ve ridden.

What am I?


Like a two-legged table,

With a top that bends.

I sound like dessert,

But my tale never ends.

What am I?


I’m a city with arms,

That are spinning around.

My dwellers abound,

But they’re quite far apart,

How black is my country,

How white is my heart.

What am I?


Wherever I bite,

I leave my teeth behind.

And what once was a tree,

Is now in a bind.

What am I?


I’m a thief who works,

By running away.

Though something is stolen,

It’s all in a play.

What am I?


My coat is like Joseph’s,

And like Joseph I’m imprisoned.

My voice is like yours,

But just cause I listened.

What am I?


Out of a lake,

Into a hand.

Out of a hand,

Into a stone.

Out of the stone,

Into a hand.

Out of a hand,

Back to the lake.

What am I?


White as a ghost,

About ghosts I am told,

I soon become gold.

I just might explode,

So best take me back,

Before I get black.

What am I?


Who wears no clothes but pants when it’s hot,

He’s the best one you’ve got.

Where you go he goes,

And sees with his nose?


5 comments on “Riddles

  • I did not understand moshe’s responses. #1 (I’m a natural guy…
    Can go into myself) is a match???
    And what does #3 (I’m much like a bagel… On one side a mirror) have to do with sand castles???

    I would suggest that #2 (I’m a treasure box, Of golden chips) is a box of corn flakes (drenched in white, – milk).


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