Kipi – the New Language for Everyone

Published October 29, 2015 by Eli Stutz

Hi All,

So I’ve been thinking – people need to be nicer to each other, everywhere, right? And something that makes people act not nice to others is fear of differences. And we are quite different from one another, right? The way we act, dress, eat, party, and of course….speak.

So what if there were a language that everyone knew, which would unite everyone? I’m not talking about making an existing language universal, since every language has its political and cultural connotations – and who wants to feel like they have had another culture’s language forced on them? But what if there were a new language, a very short language that was easy to learn? A language were nobody was more superior, where everyone was equal?

So…I created Kipi.

Kipi is a 30 word language. That’s right, just 30 words! It’s intended to be used by everyone, and is designed to be easy to learn and speak for most people (it should take no more than 1 hour to master). It uses the sounds that are used in most languages – p t m k a i u n.

Click here to learn Kipi!

I’m looking for volunteers to help me translate Kipi into other languages – so let me know if you’re interested.

Good luck, and stay nice!

Kapa! (that means goodbye in Kipi).



The New/Old Riddle

Published June 11, 2015 by Eli Stutz

This riddle has been revived from the dead:

When you have reached me,

You never can leave me.

I was born when I died,

Now in darkness I hide.

What am I?

(Clue: It’s not Batman. Even though we can all imagine him saying the last two lines in a gravelly voice.)

Did anyone like the Cheryl Birthday riddle? I though it was tres cool.

Skype Visit with Victor Intermediate School

Published September 29, 2013 by Eli Stutz

pi_cover77I’m thrilled to be doing a Skype visit tomorrow with the children of Victor Intermediate School in Victor, New York! This school has chosen Pickle Impossible for their school project at the start of the year. They’ve put together lots of Pickle Impossible activities, and have even re-enacted the first chapter in their opening ceremony! Here are some of the fun activities and resources they’ve planned:

Wow! A Pickle Impossible scavenger hunt! And lots of Pickle questions, trivia and games. This school is the best!

To book an author visit, or for ideas for your school about Pickle Impossible activities, email elistutz at gmail dot com.

See you in class!


Tu Bishvat Riddles

Published January 17, 2011 by Eli Stutz

Happy birthday, trees! Here are my Tu Bishvat Riddles:


When I am young I hang out with my friends,

I have three possible ends:

To stay as I am,

To tan and to wrinkle,

Or to be trampled on, trickle, and perhaps even sparkle.

What am I?


I fall from your palms,

An outing for two,

The last of the seven,

In verses from heaven.

What am I?


I’m pretty in pink,

When crushed a white drink,

Or a balm for your skin,

Although mine is so thin.

What am I?


I’m tough on the outside,

And hard through and through,

By river and cave,

For the righteous I grew.

I sound like a fighter who fights with his glove,

But I’m old as the geezer who plants me for love.

What am I?


Got ’em? Puzzled? Either way, go eat some dried fruit!