Eli Stutz was cast into the world of story-telling by his four-year-old son who demanded a fresh, creative, and riveting new story each night before bedtime. As some of these stories weren’t half bad, Eli decided to write them down and is now developing himself as a middle-grade fantasy/science fiction novelist (his son’s tastes are advanced).

Born and raised in Toronto, Eli has worked as a news reporter, camp counselor, radio show host, and teacher. These days, Eli balances being a happy father, diligent writer, and all-around nice guy, supported by his bemused family in a tiny Israeli town that is somewhat but not completely off the beaten track. His first novel for middle-grade readers, Pickle Impossible, was published by Bloomsbury USA in 2010.

Eli is overjoyed to do Skype Author visits – just contact him.

Most recently, he is working on a top secret project that has to do with Space, Black Holes and a taciturn robot named Joules (find out more here).

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