Tu Bishvat Riddles

Published January 17, 2011 by Eli Stutz

Happy birthday, trees! Here are my Tu Bishvat Riddles:


When I am young I hang out with my friends,

I have three possible ends:

To stay as I am,

To tan and to wrinkle,

Or to be trampled on, trickle, and perhaps even sparkle.

What am I?


I fall from your palms,

An outing for two,

The last of the seven,

In verses from heaven.

What am I?


I’m pretty in pink,

When crushed a white drink,

Or a balm for your skin,

Although mine is so thin.

What am I?


I’m tough on the outside,

And hard through and through,

By river and cave,

For the righteous I grew.

I sound like a fighter who fights with his glove,

But I’m old as the geezer who plants me for love.

What am I?


Got ’em? Puzzled? Either way, go eat some dried fruit!



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