Exkoose the spellig mistaeks

Published September 15, 2010 by Eli Stutz

Hear are mye best ecskooses for emali sginatures:

-Sent from my dreams, excuse the wacky randomness.
-Sent from me, ecxoose the spellig mistaeks. ITS JSUT MEE!
-Sent while bungy jumping, AHHHHHH!!!
-Sent from my iXZ4 Shinobi Vox Quadphone, excuse the condescension.
-Sent after a red hot chile pepper, excuse the zing.
-Sent from the future, excuse the past.
-Sent from my id, excuse the unbridled emotion and utter lack of manners.
-Sent from fring, bling, kring, shpling – get it? Huh?
-Sent from my mother.
-Sent from my Bubie. Zai g’zunt.
-Sent from my iPhone, which has a mind of it’s own.

Excuse me.


One comment on “Exkoose the spellig mistaeks

  • Eli,

    My name is Jason Patterson and I am a CYW who just finished reading your book in the class I work in and the kids loveddddddddd it !!! They are Picklishishly Crazy over your book….I loved it too!! Talking to the classroom teacher we would love for you to come to our school to meet the kids? We are a small school in a small community in Havelock, Ontario. Not sure if this is something possible but we would love to have you.

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