Review of Pickle Impossible by Aurore

Published June 4, 2010 by Eli Stutz

Hello Dear Readers,

It is I, Aurore, the fabulous star of Pickle Impossible! I am overjoyed to tell you that this book is impossibly fantastic and ridiculously incredible!! Now, perhaps you are thinking, Aurore is the narrator, she is biased, why should we believe her? Well, I see that you have an inquisitive mind. But let me assure you, everything I say is the absolute truth! In that case (now that you believe me), I will say that not only is Pickle Impossible a wild, cool, fun, funny, surprisingly deep, intelligent, witty, engaging, beautiful, lovable, adorable, exquisite, pristine, perfect in every way, 110% solid gold…story, but it also will entice, surprise, cajole, shock, tickle, rattle, uplift, rejuvenate, enliven, and literally sweep you off you feet! And if you happen to be that Hollywood producer that is considering right now phoning me up to ask me to star in a movie about the book, you can be rest assured that yes, I will win Best Actress for my role, and yes, this movie project will be a watershed, a turning point, a climax, a zenith, a summit, a revolution, a landmark, a coup, a piece d’resistance, a masterpiece, a out-of-the-park home run, and we should get to work on it as soon as imaginably possible! The rest of you will have to wait for this to happen, but you can console yourselves by reading the book from cover to cover several times, and enjoying a cornichon (pickle) or two as you do.

So, so, so delighted to be writing you, good reader! I look forward to meeting you on the page, and soon, on the silver screen!

All the very best,

The Great Aurore

P.S. Pierre agrees with every word I have written (and says a polite ‘bonjour’ to you all). He would write a review as well, but he is really a very simple boy, and the review would be five words, no more.


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