Winners of the Prickliest Pickle Contest:

Published June 1, 2010 by Eli Stutz

And here are the winner’s of the Prickliest Pickle Contest….(drumroll)…

1st Place: Wendy Lawrence! Congratulations on an awesomely prickly pickle! You get a free signed copy of PICKLE IMPOSSIBLE!
Runners up: Bryan Stutzman and Marlo Iancona Berliner! Super sticky pickles too! You get a query letter critique from me or Elana!

And a pat on the back to all entries, which were great fun to read.

We will be in touch with the winners, who are asked to contact Elana and I to coordinate their prizes.

Here is the winning entry by Wendy:

I had just started working at a science museum and was only a few minutes away from my first big show. I had already set up the stage with the required materials: plastic wands and lots of soap and water. (It was a bubble show, after all.) The only thing left to do was fill up the balloons with helium and hydrogen, for the show finale of rising bubbles and fire bubbles. The audience was already arriving as I headed off to the gas tanks on the balcony. After filling the balloons, I turned to find a locked door. I knocked, kicked, and shouted, but I knew there was no one in that empty hallway to hear me.
I looked around. Only one door. No windows. Two walls, and two drop-offs to the ground many stories below. I looked at my watch. Three minutes to go. I turned my attention to the drop-offs. Much too far to jump (even holding a giant helium balloon!), but off to the side where the wall bent away from me, there was a ledge. I followed it with my eyes and saw that, a few hundred feet away, the ledge met up with an open door on the far side of the building. Trying not to look at the parking lot below me, I walked as quickly as I dared, surprised a bunch of workers putting up a new exhibit as I came in from the side of the building. With balloons trailing behind me, I ran full-speed through their construction zone, most of the museum, and straight onto the stage. Luckily, I have more stage presence than common sense. “Ladies and Gentlemen,” I said as I put the balloons down, “welcome to the bubble show!”

What a pickle!

Thanks to all the participants and congrats, Wendy!



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