Release Day for Pickle is tomorrow!

Published May 24, 2010 by Eli Stutz

Hi All!

Just looking forward to Pickle Impossible release day…tomorrow!! Stay tuned for a deviously brilliant book giveaway contest, which just may shatter your perception of everything and anything! Go Aurore! Go Pierre!

And please look out for the book in bookstores. A shilling for the first lad or lass to confirm an acual, real live book store siting! (A virtual shilling, that is – or who knows, maybe even a real one – got to dig into my British coin collection).

And now’s definitely the time to place your order. I really, really need your vote – so order early and often! My Dad, who faithfully placed an order a while ago already had his copy delivered. Click here to order now.

Finally, please, please send around the trailer to your friends on Facebook, email and wherever your friends and family may be. Here’s the link to that:

Just like Dora, Eli the Explorer needs your help!



P.S. Borsht no swiping, Borsht no swiping! Oh man!


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