So I Want to Film a Scene on a Moving Train

Published March 4, 2010 by Eli Stutz

OK, so I want to film a scene from my new book Pickle Impossible on a real live train, with my cousins, who have enthusiastically volunteered to play the parts of Pierre and Aurore, the kid heroes of the story. The scene is where the two of them first meet, and something alarming happens…all this as a way of generating gigawatts of excitement as my first book gets ready to debut in May. But…I’ve never filmed a movie before in my life. I’ve never even filmed a family birthday party.

So…that’s why I need your help (no, I am not Dora. I am Eli, the explorer). Can you help Eli make a video promo from scratch? Say swiper no swiping! Or, maybe you have some real tips. Hint: I have a good but simple Panasonic 2005 DVC or something like that camcorder. It hooks up to my computer and I can create an avi file from it (that’s not an Israeli guy, it’s a file). But how do I edit it? Will the lighting work on the train? Will the train people let me do this, especially if I bring lots of big equipment? Will it come out looking really unpro – or maybe just craggy and handsome? Oh, I forgot to mention my shoestring budget. Yes, I know the best advice is to hire a professional. Ha! I can do this myself, or with a little help from my friends, I just know it.

Want to watch a great Pickle Impossible scene? Then please, please, friends, send your advice and help!




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