Our Little Angel

Published January 22, 2010 by Eli Stutz

What do fish eat?

Some fish are small, and they eat plants and insects. Some fish are big and they eat other fish.
But there is one kind of fish that eats garbage. It is called an angel catfish. It eats the left-overs and crumbs of other fish.
This is very helpful.

There was once a family with 15 kids. Their house was a big mess.
One day the father brought home an angel catfish.
“Look at our house,” said the father, “can you clean up this mess?”
The angel catfish looked at the garbage. It wanted to clean it up.
But fish need water to breath.
So the father poured lots and lots of water on the floor.
Then he let the fish loose.

The angel catfish swam around the kitchen and ate up all the garbage on the floor.
Then it swam to the bathroom and ate up the garbage in the bathtub and under the sink.
Finally it went into all 15 bedrooms and cleaned up the garbage in the closets, on the dressers, and under the beds.
After it was finished, there was no more garbage to eat.
But there was one problem – the house was flooded with water.
So the angel catfish drank up all the water.
It probably helped all that garbage go down.
The father put the angel catfish in a fish tank.
“Thank you,” he said.

That night, in the middle of the night, Dov woke up. He was the smallest of the children. He was hungry.
So he went down to the kitchen to look for something to eat.
He opened the fridge and looked inside.
There was no food in there.
He opened the cupboard and looked inside.
Nope – no food in there either.
Then he looked at the fish tank.
He saw the angel catfish.
He was very hungry.
Dov took the angel catfish out of the tank…and swallowed him.

The next morning Dov had a tummy ache.
The father and mother saw that the angel catfish was missing.
The asked Dov, “Dov, did you eat the angel catfish?”
Dov nodded his head, yes.

“Our little angel!” cried the mother. “Will he be ok?”
So they took him to the doctor.
The doctor looked at Dov’s tummy using an X-ray machine.
“The fish is in there,” he said. “And it’s alive.”

It was true. The angel catfish was swimming around in Dov’s tummy.
It was eating all sorts of food that Dov had eaten the day before.
It was eating cereal.
It was eating chicken.
It was even eating yogurt.

“We will have to do an operation on Dov to get the fish out,” said the doctor.
“I am going to get my operation tools.”
“Wait,” said Dov. Everyone looked at Dov.
“Daddy, can you please ask the fish to come out of my tummy? I will open my mouth and you will speak to it.”

So Dov opened his mouth and the father put his head inside.
“Oh angel catfish!” he called, “please come out of there.”
The angel catfish did not come out.

The mother had an idea. She took a tray of leftover hospital food and dumped it on the floor.
“Try now,” she said.

So the father put his head into Dov’s mouth and said,
“Oh angel catfish! We have some garbage for you out here. Please come out and clean it up!”

The angel catfish jumped straight out of Dov’s tummy and onto the floor.
In cleaned up that garbage in two seconds flat!
Then the father put it into a pitcher of water.
Everyone hugged Dov.

The next day, the family went down to the beach with the angel catfish.
It was fun to have a angel catfish, but it was time to send it home.
All the children said goodbye to it.
“Come and visit,” they said. “We’ll save some garbage for you.”
Then they all waved as the father dropped the angel catfish into the sea.
“Our little angel,” they said.


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