Yilly Yilly Yilly

Published November 28, 2009 by Eli Stutz

There was once a boy named Rex who got onto a bus. The bus was heading Downtown, and Rex plopped down on a seat in the back.

He was going to meet his cousin Clara in High Park, which is in the middle of the city.

Rex was wearing a charcoal shirt, khaki pants, and dusty shoes.


The bus stopped at a street corner. In walked a very strange looking man. The man was wearing a big red had, a big red coat, big shiny red boots, and a big red scarf. The man’s hair and beard were bright red.  Even his cheeks were red as Macintosh apples. He walked all the way down the bus and sat down right beside Rex.


Rex couldn’t help himself. “Excuse me, sir,” he said, “but why are you all red?”


The man turned to Rex, put his finger to his mouth and said, “Shhhhh, you’ll see.”


The bus drove down the street and stopped again. In walked another strange looking man.


This man’s hat was pointy at the top. It was blue like the sea. His long robe scraped the floor. Is was blue as the sky on a summer’s day. He was wearing deep blue gloves, and a royal blue belt. He had no hair on his face or head, but his eyes were sparkling blue. He was tall and thin, and he strode down the bus, and sat down on the other side of Rex.


Rex turned to the Red man, and whispered, “who’s that?”.


The Red man looked at Rex, and said, “Shhhh…that’s my brother, Mr. Blue. We’re going to the same place together.”


“Where are you going,” asked Rex.


“You’ll find out soon enough,” said Mr. Red with a wink.


The next stop was beside a flower store. In walked a very strange looking woman. She was holding an enormous yellow umbrella, even though it wasn’t raining. Her hair (which was very long and curly) was yellow as the sun. Her dress was like the shape and color of a ripe yellow banana. She had long yellow boots, and her fingers nails and her lips were both painted a most startling shade of yellow.


Mrs. Yellow waltzed down the bus, bowed to Mr. Red and Mr. Blue, said “How do you do, brothers?” and sat down on the floor right in front of Rex.


At the next stop, a short, chubby man entered. “That must be Mr. Green,” whispered Rex to Mr. Red. Mr. Red nodded.


Mr. Green had a emerald green bowler’s hat, a forest green coat, bright grass green shoes, and a glowing green ring on his right hand. In his left hand a was a note. He walked right up to his brothers and sister and said, “Here’s the address,” showing them the note.


The brothers and sister passed the note around and nodded their heads.


“We’ll be meeting the others at the fountain, I suppose,” said Mrs. Yellow.


“Yes,” said Mr. Red. “I’ll go out and get it with Mr. Blue.”


“What are you going to get?” asked Rex.


It’s a secret,” whispered Mr. Red, “But you’ll soon know what it is.”


Rex was beginning to get very, very curious.


The next stop was beside the post office. Mr. Red and Mr. Blue got up, ran to the front of the bus, told something to the driver, ran off the bus, and five seconds later, ran back onto it, carrying something very small.


The bus started off again.


Mr. Red and Mr. Blue sat back down beside Rex. Mr. Red was holding the very small thing that they had picked up at the post office.


Rex looked at it. It was a very small and perfectly white box.


Rex couldn’t hold himself back from asking. “What’s in the box?” he blurted out.


“Shhhhh,” said Mr. Red. “That’s the secret.” Mr. Red looked this way and that. “But I’ll tell you what it is.”


The bus turned onto Elm street, which is not far away from High Park.


Mr. Red put his ruby cheeks close to Rex’s ear. “Inside this box, is something very special,” he whispered. “My brother’s and sisters are all waiting for it. We ordered it a long time a go, and it came to us from very far away. From the Far East, in fact.”


“What is it?” asked Rex.


Mr. Red got even closer to Rex and whispered even more quietly.


“It’s a new color,” he said.


“What do you mean?” asked Rex.


Mr. Red grinned. “I mean that it’s a color that’s never been before. Oh, you see quite well that I’m Red. And my brothers over there are Green and Blue. And my sister, of course, is Yellow. But the color inside this box isn’t any one of those. And it’s not Purple, or Pink, or Orange, or Brown, or Black, or Grey, or any color that’s ever been seen by anyone before in the whole wide world.”


“What are you going to do with it?” asked Rex.


“You’ll find out very soon,” said Mr. Red. “We’re going to open the box in High Park.”


“Can I come with you?” asked Rex, and Mr. Red said, “Yes.”


The bus stopped at the last stop. It was right in front of High Park. Mr. Red, Mr. Blue, Mr. Green, Mrs. Yellow and Rex all got off the bus. Mr. Red was holding the white box. They walked into the park and all the way up to the great foutain which was in the middle of the park. There, they met their other brothers and sisters, who were all waiting for them. There was Mr. Purple, Mrs. Orange, Mr. Brown, Mrs. Pink, Mr. Grey, and their dog, Blackie. Rex’s cousin, Clara, was also there, since by coincidence, they had planned to meet by the fountain as well.


“Who are all these guys?” asked Clara.

“They’re all the colors,” explained Rex. He told Clara about what Mr. Red had said and about the box.

“That’s impossible,” said Clara “there’s no such thing as a new color”. “No, it’s true,” Rex insisted.


In the fountain there were lots of goldfish. People always threw silver dimes into the fountain and they gleamed from the fountain floor.


“It is now time to open the box,” announced Mr. Red.


“About time, indeed,” said Mr. Brown.


“Yes, please get on with it, dear,” said Mrs. Pink.


“In this box,” said Mr. Red, “is the new color that we have ordered from the Far East. It’s what we’ve been waiting for, for a very long time.”


“I can’t wait,” said Mrs. Yellow, “Do open it, Mr. Red!”


Mr. Red and Mr. Blue began to open the box. Rex and Clara stretched their necks to see what the new color would be.


The box opened. Everybody looked.


Inside the box was the new color!


Everyone said: “Ooooooh, Ahhhhhhhh.”


Then everyone was silent.


“It’s interesting,” said Mr. Green, quietly.


“I like it,” said Mrs. Orange.


“It’s a bit fuzzy,” said Mr. Brown, “don’t you think?”


“Yes,” said Mrs. Pink, “and slippery.”


“I think it’s a bit fishy, too,” said Mrs. Yellow.


Yes, they all agreed. There was something fishy about it.


“What should we call it?” asked Mr. Blue.


“Let’s call it ‘Knork’,” said Mr. Green.


“No, let’s call it ‘Snurl’,” said Mrs. Pink.


But nobody liked those names.


Clara threw a breadcrumb into the fountain. One of the goldfish jumped up into the air to get it. The goldfish saw the new color and cried out
“Yilly, Yilly, Yilly!” Then the goldfish dove back into the fountain.


“That’s it!” said Rex.


“What’s it?” all the colors asked.


“That’s the name of the new color!” said Rex. “Yilly Yilly Yilly!”


“It’s a beautiful name,” said Mrs. Yellow.


“And it fits,” said Mr. Red.


“Yilly Yilly Yilly!” they all said, looking at the new color.


Now, you’re probably wondering how that color looked.


Well, it’s hard to describe, since it doesn’t look like any color you’ve ever seen before. But it really is quite fuzzy…and slippery…and fishy…


The colors all thanked Rex and Clara and left the park. They took the box of Yilly Yilly Yilly with them.


“We’ll be seeing you,” said Mr. Red.


“Goodbye, for now,” said Mrs. Yellow.


Rex and Clara waved goodbye to the colors, and began to feed the fish in the fountain.


They next day they met again, at the same spot. Rex was wearing a new shirt. Can you guess what color it was? That’s right – Yilly Yilly Yilly.


Clara’s hat was also Yilly Yilly Yilly.


“Nice shirt,” said Clara to Rex.


“I like your hat,” said Rex to Clara.


They fed the fish again.


The next day at the park, lots of people were wearing Yilly Yilly Yilly.


“It’s the new craze,” said an older man, sitting on a park bench.


“I think it’s fuzzy” said one jogger to another.


“And slippery,” said the other jogger.


“And fishy,” said Rex to Clara, laughing.


The goldfish laughed as well. It really was a very popular color. It was quite soon the most popular new color in the city.


Oh, and there’s one more thing. You might want to try and make Yilly Yilly Yilly at home. And the amazing thing is, you can! I’ve figure out how to do it. All you have to do is mix three very certain colors together. It’s a secret, but I’ll tell you which ones…












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