The Five J’s

Published September 18, 2009 by Eli Stutz

The Five J’s

There was once a planet called Jupiter. On Jupiter there lived lots and lots of green aliens. One day, Jupiter was invaded by an army of red aliens from another planet.

The red aliens put the green aliens in prison. But one of the green aliens sent out an SOS. An SOS is a signal which means “Help!”.

The signal was picked up by a spaceship.

In that spaceship were five astronauts. Their names were John, Jordan, Jeremy, Josh, and Jim.

John said, “We’ve picked up an SOS from planet Jupiter.”

Jordan said, “The green aliens of planet Jupiter must need our help.”

Jeremy said, “Fire up the hydro-fazer rockets,”

Josh said, “Set our course for Jupiter.”

Jim said, “Let’s go!”

So the astronauts flew their spaceship through space.

In the distance, they saw a small planet.

John said, “Aim the telescope at it.”

They looked through the telescope.

Jordan said, “That must be Jupiter.”

Jeremy said, “Turn on the turbo-busters.”

Josh said, “Turbo-busters on.”

Jim said, “Jupiter, here we come!”

When they landed on Jupiter, there was no one around.

John said, “It’s quiet here.”

Jordan said, “Yup.”

Jeremy said, “Let’s head for that volcano over there. The signal seems to be coming from it.”

Josh said, “That’s a mighty big volcano.”

Jim sneezed.

The volcano was very tall and it was smoking.

John, Jordan, Jeremy, Josh, and Jim turned on their jet backpacks and flew to the top.

John said, “Looks hot in there.”

Jordan said, “Let’s put on some coolant.”

They smeared coolant over their spacesuits. Coolant is a gel that cools things down.

Jeremy said, “This is great stuff.”

Josh said, “You bet.”

Jim said, “Cool.”

Then they jumped into the volcano – straight into a pool of hot molten lava!

It’s a good thing they had that coolant on.

John said, “This lava’s hot.”

Jordan said, “Hot as anything.”

Jeremy said, “Let’s get out of here.”

Josh said, “Ouch!”

Jim said, “Ouch! Ouch!”

The astronauts saw a cavern on the side of the pool. They quickly jumped into it and wiped themselves off.

John said, “It’s dark in here.”

Jordan said, “Let’s put on our pulsar headlamps.”

They put on their pulsar headlamps, which are bright flashlights that fit on their foreheads.

Then they looked around.

Jeremy said, “It’s a cavern alright.”

Josh said, “Good thing we have these lamps on.”

Jim said, “Hmmm.”

They heard voices ahead.

They followed the voices all the way to the end of the cavern.

At the end of the cavern there was a prison cell.

It was locked shut.

Inside were the green aliens!

“You’ve come to rescue us!” they shouted.

John said, “Right.”

Jordan said, “You got it.”

Jeremy said, “We’ll get you out in a jiffee.”

Josh said, “Fire up the zippo-razer.”

Jim said, “Hmmm.”

The astronauts fired up the zippo-razer and started to cut through the bars.

As they were cutting, they heard a buzzing noise.


They looked around. It was a red bee. It flew off down the cavern.

John said, “That was a red bee.”

Jordan said, “Must be from the red army.”

Jeremy said, “A spy.”

Josh said, “We’d better cut faster.”

“Would this help?” said Jim, holding a key he had found on the floor.

“Yes!” said everyone.

Everyone watched as Jim put the key in the keyhole and turned.

The door opened!

The green aliens poured out of the prison.

“Thank you very much!” they said to the astronauts.

Then, they heard an alarm ringing.

John said, “The game’s up.”

Jordan said, “The red army must be coming.”

Jeremy said, “Let’s get out of here.”

Josh said, “Run!”

Jim said, “Hmmm.”

The green aliens and the astronauts ran down the cavern. Then they scaled up the inside wall of the volcano and out into the open.

The started climbing down the outside of the volcano.

That’s when the red army appeared.


The red army was an army of flying red bees!

John said, “Ahhhhhh!”

Jordan said, “Ahhhhhh!”

Jeremy said, “Ahhhhhh!”

Josh said, “Ahhhhhh!”

Jim said, “Hmmm.”

But the green aliens were not scared. They starting flinging green goo at the red army.

Some of the red bees dropped, hit by the goo.

But some of the green aliens were stung.

Neither side was winning.

John said, “We’ve got to help them.”

Jordan said, “They can’t do it alone.”

Jeremy said, “Let’s use our slumber beams.”

Josh said, “Good idea.”

Jim said, “Hmmm.”

The astronauts shot their slumber beams at the red bees.

When the red bees were hit with the beams, they fell fast asleep.

Instead of going Bzzzzzz…, they just went zzzzzzzz….

Soon, the battle was over.

The green aliens had won.

“You guys are the best.” said the green aliens.

John said, “It was nothing.”

Jordan said, “Don’t mention it.”

Jeremy said, “Well, we were pretty brave.”

Josh said, “Very brave.”

Jim blew his nose.

The green aliens threw a victory party.

As a token of their appreciation, they went up to each of the astronauts and smeared a glop of green goo on their foreheads.

John said, “Ewe!”

Jordan said, “Ewi, ewi.”

Jeremy said, “Yechhi,”

Josh said, “Yechi, yechi.”

Jim said, “Bzzzz….”

It was time to say goodbye. The five astronauts got into their ship.

John said, “Goodbye!”

Jordan said, “See you later.”

Jeremy said, “Good luck!”

Josh said, “We’ll miss you!”

Jim said, “Yechhi, yechhi, yechi!”

The astronauts blasted off, towards newer and stranger adventures.

Meanwhile, the red bees woke up.

They decided that taking over planets was not their cup of tea.

They flew off to their own planet, Rozon.

Rozon is a purple planet.

Jim said, “Hmmm.”


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