Handing My Book to the Queen of England

On the last day of her Canada visit, author Eli Stutz was thrilled and honored to hand the Queen a gift: a copy of PICKLE IMPOSSIBLE. Click here for the story. Here are photos from some very nice bystanders:

Author Eli Stutz was overjoyed and honored to receive the following message from French President Nicolas Sarkozy:

Dear Sir,

The President of the French Republic was happy to receive a copy of your book, Pickle Impossible.

Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy instructed me to keenly thank you for sending your lovely adventure story which you have set to unfold in France.

Please accept, dear Sir, my best wishes.

Guillame Lambert

Principal Secretary of the President of the Republic of France 

This just in: top reviewers dig PICKLE IMPOSSIBLE. Here’s the latest from Booklist:

“Can average be extraordinary? It can if you are Pierre LaBouche, a boy with an almost superhuman ability to stand on middle ground. Pierre, who is neither fast nor slow, strong nor weak, a genius nor a dunce, has been entrusted with saving the family farm at the International Pickelympics in Bern, Switzerland. Along the way, his jar of pickles draws unexpected attention from a pickle rival, who will stop at nothing to sabotage the boy’s mission. Then Pierre meets Aurore, who initially sets out to steal the pickles but quickly changes sides. Aurore is also the story’s narrator, and she describes all the action with a good deal of panache. Cliff-hangers, puns, and all-around strangeness abound as Pierre and Aurore race to the end of their adventures. Stutz gets a lot of mileage from a slight premise, but because the writing is so lively and the twists so unexpected, readers will find much to enjoy here, and many middle-graders will see themselves in heroically average Pierre.” Grades 4-6. –Kara Dean, Booklist.

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Twelve-year-old Pierre’s remarkable family has always been known for its delicious pickles. But when the pickle farm is threatened, only Pierre can save it – by safely transporting a jar of pickles to an international pickle competition. Enter Aurore, a mysterious girl who shows up in Pierre’s train car with a box of chocolates…and a secret. Can two mismatched kids navigate the ghostly catacombs of Paris, figure out how to crash land a plane, and escape a villain who will stop at nothing to capture their jar of pickles? They have 24 hours left to find out.

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